5 Essential Tips for Buying a Drone for Photography

5 Essential Tips for Buying a Drone for Photography

Drone, hovering heaven, has revolutionized the photography arsenal. It not only helps in capturing a new vantage point on the world but also revealing the beauty from high above. However, when it comes to buying a drone or any other photography equipment for that matter, the experience can be overwhelming.

To choose from hundreds of known brands, that, of course, fit your budget… it’s all too much to handle. Besides, drones are complex machines. They come with many different features, specs, and uses. If you’ve spent even 2 minutes exploring the web for drone buying guides and reviews, you know what we are talking about.

Don’t fret! We have got you covered. Whether you are looking for a drone suiting real-estate photography, travel, or wedding photography, our tips will help you choose wisely.

5 Key Considerations for Buying a Photography Drone

1. Look for these Acronyms

Drones are usually categorized as ready-to-fly (RTF) and almost-ready-to-fly (ATF).

The RTF models are ready to fly right out of the box as the name suggests. They require no extra parts. You just have to assemble them, and they are good to go. One example of such category is DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro includes all the parts and pieces in the package. You don’t have to spend an extra dime or your time to look for what’s compatible with the drone and what’s not.

On the other hand, the ATF models require additional parts before usage. Most of the accessories are there, but a few more pieces have to be purchased separately. Thus, it is wise to opt for RTF models to avoid any hassles.

2. Image & Video Quality

Isn’t clear, high-resolution photos and videos the whole point of good aerial photography? Of course, it is. No one wants to click blur images after making an investment.

Which is why it is significant to be extremely careful while choosing a photography drone. So, whenever you are looking to buy a drone, pick the one that offers maximum megapixel quality images.

3. Check for the Flight Time

Every drone small or big comes with limited battery life. While extra batteries are an obvious option, you still get very limited time to shoot. Depending on your prototype, flight times can be as short as 10-13 minutes before you have to recharge. Therefore, pick drones that last for at least 20-30 minutes. For a simple reason, it takes high precision and lots of settings to take a good shot, and you wouldn’t want to miss it just because your drone’s flight time was less.   

4. Is it Embedded with Gimbal?

When buying a drone, try and look at whether it is integrated with a gimbal. Gimbal keeps the camera steady while the drone moves. Not to mention, it is one of the most crucial parts for taking clear quality pictures and smooth videos.

If you are buying a drone for recreational purposes, a gimbal isn’t necessary. However, if you’re picking a drone for aerial photography, it is highly recommended.

5. Go for the Most Popular Option

The catch behind this tip is – if you opt to go for the popular models, it becomes easier to find answers to your problems. With the help of existing youtube videos, online forums, tutorials, etc., you will be able to mend your ways and find numerous creative ideas without tiring yourself.

Stating the obvious here but before making the final purchase always refer to user reviews (both from existing users and professionals). According to many techies, DJI Mavic 2 Pro by far is one of the most trending photography drone ever.