Ultimate Selfie Machine: Complement Your Party With These Latest Photo Booths for Incredible Photographs


Photography has some sort of magic in it; it has the ability to tell stories, capture the emotions, show interactions or make connections. 

A perfectly clicked picture can create a profound impact on the audience. To get an image that is compelling, inspiring, and take you back to the memories, the need of a photographer or photobooth cannot be neglected. Whether you are organizing a birthday party, having a wedding, engagement, corporate event, school function, Bar Mitzvahs or any other get-together party- photos are a must. 

But, the real challenge lies in deciding a photographer or photobooth rental

From photographers you can expect high-quality photos but not instantly. This is where photobooths take advantage. Today, we have advanced technology photobooths that click amazing high-resolution pictures and generate photo strips instantly. Equipped with user-friendly touch-screen interface and latest software/ apps; photobooths are the best pick for any event. 

What’s more? these innovative selfie machines offer many other benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • They are affordable in comparison to professional photographers.
  • Give flexibility to click photos in your own style. 
  • Coupled with props to add extra fun in the party
  • Instant sharing on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Can be set-up at any location- beach, park, wedding venue. 
  • You can create your own backdrops with photobooth DIY ideas.
  • Available in different forms like open photobooth, enclosed curtain booth, magic ring booth and more. 

Next Gen Photobooths

  • Instagram Photobooth Printer: How many times have you said ‘I wish I could get this photograph printed right here’ after clicking it on your smartphone. Well, the latest Instagram Photobooth is here to fulfil your wish. This advanced photobooth uses modern printing technology, where you can click photos on your smartphone, share it on Instagram with a hashtag and get it printed right at the venue and distribute strips among your friends. So, you get both digital and printed copies at the same time. 
  • The Magic Mirror: Another advanced photo generating product, the Magic Mirror photobooth has a long mirror with touch screen and numbers of premium on-glass animations. They are perfect for standing portraits and group photos. Magic Mirror Photobooths are affordable than their counterparts as there is no need for props. You can add funny animations, stickers and customize photo strips directly from the screen and get amazing photos within seconds. The Magic Mirror will give your guest a memorable experience and opportunity to unleash their creative potential. This brilliant photobooth is the right fit for theme parties, corporate events and charity functions.
  • Revolving Magic Ring Photobooth: Well, this is one of the unique photobooths that one should surely try at a wedding. It has a circle-like station where you can stand, and the capturing unit (camera) is supported by a panel that is inclined outwards. When you are ready to capture the photo, the panel revolves around you generating a 360° photo. You also have the choice to take pictures from a single angle. An excellent product to generate photos of the subjects in motion, this photobooth is truly a masterpiece. 

Photo Booths are perfect for capturing those unique moments in a creative and unique style, and these photobooths add the extra touch of fun, excitement in your party. So, if you are planning to host a party, then don’t miss out on these amazing photo booths.