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Seasons Of Change

Seasons Of Change

It is truly a season of change upon us.  A changing political landscape.  The changing of the trees.  Summer is behind us and the winter holidays loom on the near horizon. It’s also been a time of change with Mark Hayes Photography.  Much of this last year has been spent exploring all the business options, and my different passions in photography.   It’s been a great time to do a little bit of everything, but there are also some decisions that have been made about the focus and direction of the business as well. What has been good for the business as well as personally rewarding is the renewed focus on wedding photography this year and I expect that to be the primary focus of business for next year.

That doesn’t mean the portrait work is going away. If anything I hope to expand some of the offerings in this area in as well, although I anticipate restructuring the focus to more personally crafted sessions as done with the senior sessions. Stock work will continue to be a subject to expand in-between major projects.  If anything, with the current economy as companies are tightening budgets, even their advertising budgets, inexpensive stock photography could likely go up in demand.  And of course I still plan on doing various side projects.  Wether it be for my favorite non profit, the Dumb Friends League, or the Roseina Hester Transplant Fund , fashion projects for local designers, or those creative shoots with friends and family. More than anything I guess I’ve learned this last year photography isn’t just how I try and make a living, but in a large way it’s a part of who I’ve become and how I relate to the world around me.

Holiday Gifts & Memories

This is a great time of year for family photos. When times are tight photos can make great gifts to the family. (and our printing partner offers 2 for 1 prints) And as families grow older having the kids home from school is a perfect time to capture those photos. Personalized holiday cards are another great option.  Even more so if you have a small business – a great way to re-connect with your clients.

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