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The Long Wait – Studio Bridal Session

The Long Wait – Studio Bridal Session

Normally I wrap up a wonderful session with a client I’m excited to make a posting about it here.  But this time I had to keep it under wraps.  This time it was a bridal session for the lovely Daliana, and I couldn’t risk her soon to be husband seeing the images.  But this post is time to go live the same time (or so) that Daliana will be walking down the isle.

So at long last, I give you Daliana’s bridal session.

Since my studio is attached to a stone church well over 100 years old, among Denver’s oldest, I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding there just so I could shoot in the bridal portico, but that just hasn’t worked out yet. Well Daliana’s bridal session was the next best thing. With the help of one of my favorite make up artists, Diana Laree, Daliana was soon ready in her wedding day wardrobe. We started with some studio shots.  I can’t decide which was more striking, the lace dress or the head piece that her grandmother wore to her wedding. Then it was downstairs and into the church.   First a few shots with the stained glass windows in the back, then out to the bridal portico.   I love the stone texture of the exterior of the chuch – it’s amazing to shoot against. As not only a Denver wedding photographer, but as an artist sometimes you have this pre-visualization of a shot.   You can see it when your eyes are closed and you just hope you can bring it forth when given the chance. Thank you Daliana for allowing me to not only provide you with these images, but to fulfill the desire to create and bring life to one of those images I before only saw with my eyes closed.

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