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Top 10 Digital Photography Tips for Those Tumblr-ish Photos

Top 10 Digital Photography Tips for Those Tumblr-ish Photos

If you are looking to take some outstanding pictures for your Tumblr account, then all you need to do is to follow the tips and suggestions posted below, which should make your images stand apart for the right reasons. The primary thing that you need to do is to ensure that your internet connection is up and all right. This is important that since you would be using the same to upload your images to your account in real-time. You also need to make sure that you have a good DSLR camera or a phone with which you can take the respective images. Just check out the various tips and suggestions posted below and that should be fine.

  • Always carry your camera with you: Great images are often shot, on the spot and at random, shot on the fly with little preparation – that happens to be a fact. Ask any professional photographer and you will find that they’ll agree with the fact that some of the greatest well-shot images were shot at random with little preparation. In simple terms, if you want to take outstanding images then you need to on the ready, ‘always’. 
  • The light: The light matters, when it comes to a great shot; the more natural the light is, the better the image would look. Sure, you can use a flash but it is a good idea to time your image so that you can get the very best of natural light other than an artificial flash. Just Google product photography in Leeds and you will find that most professional photographers in your location would prefer natural to artificial lighting.
  • Gear: There are various gears that you can purchase for your DSLR camera; just head to the market and familiarize yourself with the lot. You can then sort through them and decide if you want to purchase the same or not.
  • Camera shake: Everyone suffers from camera shake to a certain extent or the other; the problem is that some of them would be unable to steady their hands altogether, which can impact the image and cause it to blur up. That is why you need to use a tripod with your camera as it can help steady your hand as you hold the camera with it.
  • Filters: There are quite a few filters and depending on your current requirement, you can use various filters to sharpen and brighten your image.
  • Background: When you shoot an image, you need to remember that backgrounds are important since they add to the beauty of the image. There are various backgrounds that you can go for, which can help you focus attention on the subject.
  • Shutter speed, iOS, and aperture: The shutter speed controls the pace of the shutter while the aperture controls the opening and closing of the lens and the IOS is all about the quality of the shot itself. This is why it is essential that you pay attention to these three items as you line up to take that perfect shot. Just search online for commercial photography in Leeds and you will find that most professional photographers are using the rule of three as far as composition goes.
  • Composition: When it comes to images, the composition of the same assumes importance. When you are about to take a picture, you need to remember the rule of thirds. Just visualise the grid and centre your subject on the imaginary grid as you take the snap, and it should come out quite well.
  • Reflections and patters: Reflections and patterns are a great way to begin practising; just take a few high-resolution images and it should provide you with the best practice that you would have for taking some outstanding images.
  • Perspective and angle: When it comes to taking some great shots, you may also want to co-opt some outstanding perspective and angles on the shot. This can enable you to capture some outstanding images as well.

These are some of the digital photography tips that you can use to make your tumbler images look downright fantastic.

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