7 Astounding Photo Booth Ideas That Can Never Go Wrong!

7 Astounding Photo Booth Ideas That Can Never Go Wrong!

Every party should be unique and make everyone feel ecstatic! And there can be numerous things that can be conceptualised for the event to make it exciting and delightful. Today, a party isn’t just about dolling yourself and winding it up with only food and drinks. There should be music, dancing, and other entertainment elements, along with photo booths too. Especially, photo booths are considered as a necessity in today’s time, as the world nowadays revolves around pictures and sharing those pictures on social media.


Nowadays, you can decide if a person is famous or not by checking their social media platforms and the amazing pictures they have shared there, and of course the number of likes and followers there. The obsession of the same has made photo booth the most favourite centre of attraction for guests at any party. Many times, guests get ready specifically or some special theme is allotted or a certain type of decoration is done because it would look great on instagram. This shows the importance of photos and hence the popularity of photo booths!

Some Amazing Types of Photo Booths that Would Be Loved by All Your Guests!

When there’s so much emphasis given to photo booths at every party by the guests, it’s but natural that you should get the best one for your people to make your party more happening. You can plan a Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne from Party Hire productions, who will customise it according to your needs, and make it so exceptional that it’ll surely be loved by your guests. Read below some types of photo booths that are sure to keep your attendees entertained for long:

1. GIF Photo Booth — GIF are the recent favourite amongst instagrammers today because of the growing popularity of boomerangs and memes. The GIF booths attract guests like magnet. A GIF booth mixes together some series of images in order to create a wonderful animation that can be easily shared on social media channels. This is one type of photo booth that’s getting a phenomenal response from social media freaks!

2. Mirrored Photo Booths — “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the beautiful of them all!” Remember Snow White’s mother’s demand to the mirror? This is what’s trending today! People love to be clicked with their mirror image, and such kind of photo booths are obviously gaining immense popularity. In this kind of photo booth, there are mirror on all sides of the booth, making them fabulous backdrops to click attractive pictures.

3. Lined Photo Booths — Lined or back to back photo booths are both convenient and most preferred ones for large groups and a big bash! Your guests wouldn’t have to stand in queue for long for their turn; and as both the booths are separated by just a wall, this doesn’t require much space either. Most of the times, these booths are a replica of each other.

4. Sitting Photo Booth — Not all guests love to pose while standing at a booth, some love to get clicked regally perched. Especially, if the number of guests in the booth are more, they’ll love to create a post where some are seated on the couch, while others are kneeling or standing around them, and share the picture tagging each other on social media.

5. Ballooned Photo Booth — Balloons are the most favourite photo booth idea for kids’ parties. The pictures you get with cute kids surrounded by beautiful balloons can make a charming album of your party’s pictures. Even some of the elders love the idea of a photo booth having balloons – so, perhaps it is a great idea for all kinds of parties.

6. Framed Photo Booths — Having gorgeous picture framed in attractive wooden or cardboard frames can make a wonderful photo booth backdrop. In such photo booths, the pictures come out are extra dignified, and the guests just love posing perfectly enveloped in the frames.

7. LED Convention Photo Booth —These photo booths provide really attractive photos with neon and gleaming lights. The LED lights In the background and on top of the clicks create an awesome aura, bringing extra brownie points for these booths.

8. Secret Photo Booths — Most of the photo booths are open or semi open, but booths that are covered from all sides are also quite favourite for some parties. This is best suitable if you want your guests to have some intimate pictures clicked, and don’t want to be disturbed at all during this time. In terms of making your event popular, or bringing more fame to your brand name, or just for the sake of fun and entertainment, photo booths are worth spending on, and you’ll never regret a penny paid for it. Just make sure it matches your party’s theme and is placed where your guests can visit it easily.