Featured Wedding Venue – South Broadway Christian Church

Featured Wedding Venue – South Broadway Christian Church

I’m going to break the rules a bit here and instead of highlighting a venue I’ve worked in this time I’m looking at a venue I’d love to work in. South Broadway Christian Church, located on the corner of Lincoln and Ellsworth that location will seem familiar to those who have been to my studio. The church is in fact my landlord and my studio is in a building that was added on in the’s (on the far side from where all these pictures are taken). So while I get to see this great building every day, I’ve yet to actually cover a wedding there. Built in 1891 by architects Miller and Janisch. The property is on the Colorado Register for Historic Places as well as is a Denver Local Landmark. It is an example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture with Gothic details. The archways and rough exterior stone made it’s way into many a high school senior session from 2008. The texture and color is simply stunning and photographs beautifully.

Building Exterior

The bridal portico is one of the most striking exterior features in my opinion. The options for stunning images of the bride, bride and groom, and bridal party, taken in this walkway with the south facing curved openings is just limitless. South Broadway Christian Church – exterior and portico Not to be outdone the details of the main sanctuary in the church are magnificently restored. The new risers lead to the pipe organ.

South Broadway Christian Church Interior

So what about the details. I’m told that the cost of this venue for 2009 is in the neighborhood of $1200, which is on par with most of the old stone churches downtown. Here’s a few extra things the folks at South Broadway do for you however. This is a package price and includes things many others charge extra for:

  • The Paster for the ceremony
  • The sound operator
  • The organist
  • The church wedding director to help you organize the part of your day at the church and make sure everything flows as it should.
  • Free Parking.  This is a huge bonus for a downtown church and means your wedding party and guests don’t have to take a shuttle bus from blocks away, or pay $10 parking lots, or scrounge up metered parking.   Two large and free lots.

As an added bonus if you select this venue and hire Mark Hayes Photography as your wedding photographer there’s a few add on bonuses you’ll receive from me.

  • My studio can be used by part of the wedding party for getting ready and waiting.  Big couches, mirrors, etc.
  • Since I have all my supplies on site and don’t have to pack a hundred pound case to take with me I’ll take 10% of the daily fee (which equals $200) right off the top of your photography costs.

Since I’d love to add shots of this venue, with a bride and groom in it, to my portfolio here’s a special offer.The first couple that books both the church and me as photographer will receive a 25% discount off the daily session fee – thats $500 right off the top of your photography charges. In addition I’ll ad 10 bonus pages to any album ordered.