It’s Friday – Lets Talk Senior Photos

It’s Friday – Lets Talk Senior Photos

It’s Friday morning and as I get ready to go into the studio today I’m thinking back over a few notes I’ve received lately from last years senior session clients.   All those great kids who where at the brink of adulthood are graduating over the next few weeks and now thinking about the next stage of their lives. I love the fact that as a photographer I got a chance to meet these wonderful people and capture a moment that is a true turning point in their lives.   It’s really what this job is all about. Of course I’m also now looking at what I’m going to be offering for senior photos this year, while it’s not a big part of my business – I usually do less than a dozen select senior shoots a season – I do enjoy it. But, before I talk about what I’m doing this year for senior photos I want to plug what some other photographers are doing and what in my opinion is the best, the most original, and the out and out coolest “Senior Photo” special going on in Denver this season. 

Senior Rock Star Tour

Billed as “The Ultimate Senior PHotography Experience” I don’t think they are stretching the truth at all on this. 20 Seniors.   5 Photography Studios.  5 different locations all over town. Party Limo to transport everyone from spot to spot. This truly will be an experience and not just a photo session.   I’m urging everyone interested in a unique and one of a kind senior session to go check this out.  If you decide this really isn’t you – come on back and I’ll take care of you. Now I know at this point a lot of you out there are scratching your heads, “Before I even talk about my own senior sessions I’m pushing people towards my competitions senior sessions”.  Doesn’t seem to make a lot of business sense does it.   Well it might not make much business sense but to me it makes a lot of people sense. See this is the coolest idea I’ve seen in a long time.  Treated like a rock star for a day and getting photos from 5 different studios.   If I where 17 this is the session I’d want to do.  If I had kids (or even nieces and nephews) that where seniors this year, sure I’d go out with them and do some cool stuff for them, and then I’d sign them up for this tour.  This is just such a fun idea, it’s going to be a great experience for these kids to carry with them, and that’s the big thing.   It’s the experience.   I can do the photos, I can’t match that experience through my sessions. Also for me senior photos isn’t a big part of my business.  I do only a handful of select sessions a season.  I don’t make a lot of these sessions, but I have fun.  If I do half the sessions this year from last because the others booked the tour, at the end of the year it’s not going to affect my bottom line that much.

So go check out the Senior Rock Star Tour.

Now if they’re booked up, it doesn’t quite fit your budget, you don’t think it’s your style and you’d rather have something more suited to you, here’s what I can do for you. I’m doing senior photos this year as part of my “Anytime Sessions”.   There’s two different levels.  The short session at $200 and the extended session at $500.  Both include a memory book, softcover for the short, hardcover for the long, and both include print pricing at our special lab print prices.   ($5 5×7, $10 8×10, $4 4/wallets).   This season we’re having you pay more for the session, but then let you get all the prints you want at a super deal on the prints. As an added bonus for the first 6 sessions booked this year I’ll include a $50 print credit with the extended session.   With that the $500 session fee gets you everything you’ll need, shoot, book, and prints. Our new online host also allows digital downloads of small images perfect for use on your phone (they look awesome on my iPhone), facebook, myspace, etc.   For just .99 an image you can download your favorites. Of course before you do that add us as a friend on Facebook and we’ll post a few of my favorites from the shoot and tag you with them, so you can then use those on facebook free of charge.