Loktah Cases

Loktah Cases

For a while now I’ve been looking for something different to deliver CD’s and DVD’s in to my clients who order the fully edited versions of the disk and/or get it with an album. I recently came across a new product that is a wonderful match for the MHP studio in style – and will be a perfect compliment to one of my favorite albums, the Couture Himalaya art book. The Loktah case is a totally green product made from 100% renewable sources and totally natural. Made from organic paper made from plants in the foothills of the Himalayas. Each media case is dipped in bee’s was and wrapped with twine and a coral bead. Coming in four styles (and a sampler pack) I had to take a peek at these, and they just arrived recently. The first thing I noticed is how heavy they seem and very sturdy feeling. I couldn’t easily get one to bend – you’d have to exert some extreme force to damage this and the disc inside I would guess. Since they are totally natural there is also imperfections in the paper – but that’s part of their charm I think. So in looking at the four options we’ll start with my least favorite.


Mine showed the most imperfections of the lot of four. Maybe it just got rubbed in shipping funny along the edge. While it’s still beautiful I might hesitate to give this one to a wedding client to go with an album. Loktah Pomegranate Case The rich color would be great however for a bride who might have something similar as one of her wedding colors. The most worked version of the series.  A gold and green pattern in the paper gives this case a beautiful and elegant feel.  

Loktah Alabaster

Pricing on these is middle of the road – $15, more than some cheaper cases I’ve used but less expensive than some of the really fancy ones. At this cost it’s not an issue for wedding clients and even a portrait client paying for a hi-rez disc I might consider this an option for. Craftsmanship seems top notch. I have little doubt this will still be a sturdy and protective covering for a CD/DVD long after the last CDROM drive has long since burnt out (anybody even have a floppy drive anymore – or do you remember Zip Disks). So if you’re looking for something with a little different twist, maybe to match those magnificent Couture Art books, give Loktah a look.