Photo Restoration – The Basics and Beyond

Photo Restoration – The Basics and Beyond

Have you ever gone through your old photos and found a treasure you would love to display? Perhaps you are fascinated by photo restoration in Houston and want more information. You will find amazing information on photo restoration from the basics up.

What is Photo Restoration?

It’s what it sounds like. But, it is much more than that. Photo restoration is the art and science of restoring an old photo to its original glory. The art of photo restoration is to preserve the original date and time of the image. It is not acceptable for a 100-year-old photo to look exactly like it was taken with an iPhone. Photograph restorers make an image of the original before working on the older photo. This allows you to preserve your old treasure and have a restored item.

Photo restoration is now easier and more affordable, thanks to technology. But, it is not easy to create a photo that looks authentic. Let’s take a look at photo history.

You used to take photos on film back in the day (what ?!).). The film was developed, and you received a few photos. And before that, photography was a big deal; your great-great-grandparents probably had very few photos. Those old film photos were stored in albums or boxes. This was back when inks were not as common as they are today. Photos suffered greatly from water damage, weather conditions, wear and tear, and even age. You’ll often see folds and creases. Photo restoration is a way to make a photo look new again.

How to Restore Photos?

You now have an incredible photo of your great-grandfather frolicking in Paris in the 1920s. You might want to print a larger copy for your walls, or you may just be looking for a great image. Photo restoration is the next step. Do you remember that photo restoration begins with an original digital copy? This ensures that the original is safe and provides a solid base for you to work from. Let’s get started.

Digital Copy

There are several ways to create a digital copy. The goal is to produce a good copy that you can use. Many people scan photos to make digital copies. It is also a great way of organizing them. It’s possible to categorize and arrange them without having all the shoeboxes scattered about your home. That’s another story. Let’s restore one photo at a given time. You can scan the photos using a scanner or an app like photos to scan them into your smartphone. You can now get started by scanning the copy.

The Photo Structure

This is the hard part. It is easy to crop, resize or straighten a photo and then refurbish it as you wish. These tools are easy to use and can be done on your phone without additional software or apps. This may be sufficient, and you can send it off to have it enlarged or printed (more details in a moment). You can find great tips and composition ideas in our graphic design information.

The Hard Stuff

Your photo may have water damage or an unfinished corner. Perhaps there is a crease in the photo. These can be fixed. Even if you don’t know how to fix them, some people can. This is how you can do it, whether you’re a beginner or a professional.

Do You Have to Do It Yourself?

Whether you hire someone to do it yourself is a big question in photo restoration. It’s not difficult to make a decision. These are some things to consider:

  • What is the damage to your photo? You can usually manage your photo yourself, whether it needs some cropping or a digital copy. You might consider hiring a professional to restore your photo if it has suffered severe damage due to water, weather, fire, age, and other factors. Design professionals have a great eye for aesthetics.
  • Are you using Adobe Photoshop? These two programs are great for photo restoration. However, these programs can be difficult to learn. If you don’t like it, give it to someone who does.
  • Are you an artist? It’s important to see the damage and the authenticity of the repair. If this is not your thing, find someone who can help.

If you don’t feel like restoring photos yourself, many photo restoration websites are available. Some people need to send the original, while others can get a digital copy. Find a service that suits your needs, just like any other art or graphic design type.