Presenting The Best Qualities Of Panasonic DMC FH25K

Presenting The Best Qualities Of Panasonic DMC FH25K

When talking about digital cameras, Panasonic is always a synonym for high quality products, given the vast experience they have in this area. Panasonic DMC FH25K, the newest model from FH family is the successor of FH20K and by far one of the best compact digital cameras at this moment. This camera is a mix of newest technologies together with style and working with it is a guarantee for entering to the next level of digital photography and video.

The newest technologies incorporated in this camera covers all layers, starting with optical block equipped with 8x Leica lens, continues with 16.1 megapixel CCD and the new technology to tag image by using the embedded processor and goes even further to the software package including several ways for uploading the photos to Internet. This makes Panasonic DMC FH25K a very powerful solution for people needs with a very attractive price that includes the shooting and large zooming capabilities.

The part bringing the most value to this digital camera is the new optical block of high quality lens with 28 mm wide angle. In order to allow best optical performance, the block is created using 6 asperical surfaces. Three such aspherical Leica lenses are part of the 9 elements optical block. The main benefit of having such a large wide angle (28 mm) is that it is very simple to capture large images such landscapes, groups of people and sceneries even when the shooting is done from quite a shorter distance.

Together with the wide angle comes the 8x optical zoom that never gets out of proportion no matter who is the subject of the photo. Together with the optical zoom comes the Panasonic Intelligent resolution which will assure you will take the best photo no matter what level of zooming you will use. Activating this will give you a total zoom of 18x to the middle of the scale. Together with the 16.1 megapixel CCD this will certainly take pictures to objects placed far from the objective and let them appear far much closer.

Other very interesting and useful feature is the Mega Optical Image Stabilizer, also known as Mega OIS. Many digital cameras have an issue with taking blurred pictures due to vibration of the hands when shooting photo. This is where Mega OIS takes its place overcoming this issue with the help of the Venus engine. This Venus engine, 2.7 inch dot resolution and the other features depicted above are several of the key features of Panasonic DMC FH25K.