Queenstown, Wanaka And Palliser Bay

Queenstown, Wanaka And Palliser Bay

New Zealand – South Island – Snow capped mountains and crater lakesThis website contains images from New Zealand, as well as travel information for people planning on visiting this beautiful country. Most of the photography featured on this website revolves around NZ’s scenic beauty and picturesque landscapes. The photo galleries contain images taken in the North Island as well as South Island, but can only give an indication to the true beauty of this country!

There are great opportunities for tourists the whole year round. Since the country Whakapapa ski fields is located in the southern hemisphere, November through to February is summer time with a good dose of sunshine and clear weather. A great time to relax on the Coromandel with a Pina Coloda! On the other hand, June through to September brings in some “Weather with Character” which is perfect for skiing and snow boarding, at one of the many ski fields around the country.


For a glimpse of the country’s scenic beauty, visit the image galleries on this website. Photos published on the New Zealand Photography website range across a wide range of subjects: From local NZ events right through to picturesque landscapes. Or view our Directory to view listings of travel and tour opeInterislander Ferry – Picton to Wellingtonrators.


Travelling around NZ is a snap as most cities are very well connected by road, and so a rental car or a motor home is perfect for the local conditions. Alternately, the trains (Tranz Rail) can also be used to travel between cities and is especially recommended for travel within the South Island. And when travelling between the islands, what better way than on the Interislander ferry. Most major cities are also very well connected by air, with most international flights arriving at Auckland and Christchurch internatAvon River – Christchurchional airports.


You will find that the South Island is quite different in character to the North. Most of New Zealand’s population is concentrated in the North Island, which makes the South Island perfect for those in search of solitude. New Zealand is paradise for photographers and for those who have a keen interest in Photography. Simply pack your bags (and camera) and drive through the major cities or travel across to the west coast for a holiday you’ll cherish for life!


The photographer Ramnish Gupta is based in Wellington, New Zealand and focusses a lot on aerial photography as most of the image galleries will suggest. Ramnish also blogs in his “Ram-blings” blogs about varied topics: right from tech reviews to travel journals.