Shootsac Review

Shootsac Review

Like many photographers I’m always searching for the perfect answer for how to carry the gear with me I need during a session, weddings and senior shoots being most important to find a good answer for.   While I have large wheeled cases I use for weddings where I take virtually everything – problem is, how to carry what I need during the ceremony while away from the case.  I’ve used camera bags – but it’s a challenge to open and get lenses in and out on the fly.  They are also bigger and bulkier than I’d like.  

Then I heard about Jessica Claire’s Shootsac bags.  

What makes Shootsac different from most normal bags is in it’s build.   Made of neoprene and forming six pockets.  What’s great about this design is how the pockets expand around and hold the lenses snugly. I used this bag for the location work on Michelle’s recent senior session.  I was able to easily pack two primes, a wide angle, and my 70-200 telephoto, along with cards and batteries. The lenses felt very secure – as long as I remembered to push them down into the neoprene pocket fully.   With my normal bags if the bag is lifted wrong when unzipped that glass is hitting the ground.   Is there really anything more terrifying than watching $2k worth of glass, bounce. I was able to wear this bag over the shoulder like a courier bag – a little snug – but I’m a big boy.  

I only found two downsides:

I couldn’t fit my BIG lenses in the pockets with their hoods – and I’m a lens hood fanatic.   Maybe I was just too cautions to really push hard enough. The strap has no padding and is sewn into on end so it’s not replaceable.   Again I’m  a big guy so I tend to replace straps with extra large and padded one.  I do hear that they have a shoulder pad to be available soon. Overall all though I give it high marks.  It was great to have the lenses I needed available and with much less bulk than my normal bag.