Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter

Mark Hayes Photography has again been nominated for the A List on channel 7 for Best in Denver under the category of photographer. The competition for this is always tough, this year no less than before. The fact that I know a lot of these other wedding photographers makes it rather difficult, part of me is rooting for my friends, but maybe if I got just enough votes to give them a run for it. As for myself I just noticed I haven’t been to even half of the places running for best burger.

Wedding Season

Well it’s about half way through the season, and what a year it’s been so far. As always the greatest part is the wonderful people it brings me in touch with, be they marvelous clients or other vendors who do amazing work in their own fields. Now while every wedding and engagement session has been great so far there are a few that really stand out in my mind as being unique or special for some reason.

Daliana’s Bridal Session.

It’s been a year and a half since moving my studio to it’s current location attached to South Broadway Christian Church. While I’ve used the wonderful stonework of this building many times for other types of sessions I’ve yet to be able to arrange to shoot a bride here. When Daliana told me she wanted to do a traditional bridal session instead of an engagement session I knew I’d finally get the chance. The bridal portraits out in the portico proved to be just as beautiful as I’d hoped they would be. The combination of her dress and the 120 year old rough hewn stone arches make for a amazing portrait. For finally getting a chance to capture the images that had been floating in my mind for 18 months this is one of my favorite moments this season.

Ryan and Maggie’s Engagement Session

The part of this that will always stand out is the fact they weren’t officially engaged until half way through the session. If you missed the story on the blog, go check it out – but fair warning, have a box of kleenex handy. This one has made more than a few people teary eyed. Just being there to capture this amazing moment sets this one apart from all the other engagement sessions this year.

Nick and Nikki’s Dunafon Castle Wedding

When my wife and I spent two weeks driving around Ireland the entire time we would be on the look out for old stone buildings. “Old thing alert”, was heard every time we saw an old tower in a field. Which in Ireland can be about every 15 minutes. So it’s no surprise with the stone towers, celtic themed wall paintings and beautifully groomed landscape that spending a day cover a wedding at Dunafon Castle is like a mini vacation to me.

It’s beginning to look a lot like.

Still working out the details for this years holiday card offerings but just wanted to make sure everybody starts thinking about it early. Details should be announced in mid to late August and setting up the tree in the studio by September. With some of the changes this year there will be more choices than last year as far as what type of cards will be available. The custom cards like last year will still be available, and our print partner, Pictage, will also have simpler card options available. Pictage will even have an option to purchase a digital download to allow you to make your own cards if you wish. And as usual I’m sure we can expect something different for the official studio holiday card.